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Elira Lluka

Musical Theatre Performance “Spring Awakening”

For the director of the performance Zana Hoxha, Frank Wedekind’s masterpiece “Spring Awakening” was an artistic calling, a desire and a need to bring this play in Kosovo, further adapting it in the era of 90s in Kosovo. The need of young people to understand and be understood has been and continues to be a challenge, especially considering the history that has followed the young people of Kosovo in the 1990s, a time of protest and resistance, a time when collective and personal freedom was limited by the political regime of Milosevic and the patriarchate, nevertheless solidarity kept the spirit of collective resistance alive.

Youth and their natural needs have not been a priority of the society, so information about sexuality, feelings, love and experiences have been discouraged and neglected by family, school and society. School violence, physical and sexual abuse, prejudice, unplanned pregnancy and abortion have been and remain real problems of our Kosovar society.

The first premiere during this pandemic time of COVID 19 coincidently addresses the lack of collective freedom in Kosovo.

This performance awakens the need to raise discussion of such “forbidden” topics, to talk about feelings, sex and first experiences as they are happening, the need to know it all, to understand and experience them all.
This performance including all of its creators is dedicated to all the teenagers who fell in 1998-1999 in the last war in Kosovo.

Author: Frank Wedekind
Adaptation & Director: Zana Hoxha

Hajat Toçilla, Valmir Krasniqi, Labinot Raci, Arta Muçaj, Shkelzen Veseli, Semira Latifi, Shpetim Kastrati, Qëndresa Loki, Verona Koxha, Flamur Ahmeti, Armend Ballazhi

Musicians: Alzan Gashi, Arbër Salihu & Drin Tashi
Choreography: Robert Nuha
Costumes: Yllka Brada
Scenography: Youliana Voykova – Najman
Stage Manager: Bajram Mehemtaj
Asisstant: Elira Lluka

A production of Kosovo National Theater and Art and community Center – ARTPOLIS

Photo: Meddy Huduti

The performance “Artemis’s Huntresses”

Inspired by the nature and its beauties of the village of Kukaj, where space and everything that surrounds this environment is in harmony with the earth and the sky, began an extraordinary story of the performance “Artemis’s Huntresses”. This creative process started from a visit to the peaceful nature, a healer for body and soul, and inspired the theatre director Zana Hoxha, to create a work that is in accordance with nature as a healing goddess, source of life and inexhaustible energy.

The ” Artemis’s Huntresses” were slowly shaped by personifying the soul of an independent woman by doing pagan rituals and giving love and solidarity in harmony with nature. The choreography, music, costumes and performances of the actresses are the result of the emotions and feelings that this symbiosis of nature with woman and art evoked, and was fully in accordance to the place, atmosphere and the Ethno Fest event.

The performance “Artemis’s Huntresses”.
From: Zana Hoxha
Music: Arbër Salihu
Choreography: Robert Nuha
Actresses: Aurita Agushi, Semira Latifi, Donikë Ahmeti, Daniela Markaj, Qëndresa Kajtazi, Hajat Toçilla, Fitore Jashari.
Costumes: Arbnor Brahimi
Technical assistant: Elira Lluka

Photo: Medi Huduti

Stage reading Spring awakening

“Believe me you’re not alone no
Please believe me
Believe me, I’ll thaw the life
And I will not be far from you.
Believe in the sun, belief in the sun … ”

With verses of the song “Believe in the Sun”, a hit of the 90s, at the Oda Theater finished stage reading of the play “Spring Awakening,” which was brilliantly performed by Kosovo’s professional actresses and actors.
The staged play, set in Kosovo in the 1990s, has sadness the diverse audience consisting of youngsters, willing and curious, to understand more about their parents’ beliefs, games, and stories in their teens, and from the older public who witnessed and experienced that period of life, at that time.

After the performance, a discussion was opened with the public to receive comments, questions or suggestions on the theme and process of the play, which will be completed in March 2020, when the premiere of the play “Spring Awakening” will be given.

Author: Frank Wedekind; Director and adaption: Zana Hoxha
Actors: Hajat Toçilla, Valmir Krasniqi, Arta Muçaj, Shkelzen Veseli, Labinot Raci, Qëndresa Loki, Verona Koxha, Flamur Ahmeti, Armend Ballazhi.
Music: Alzan Gashi; Choreography: Robert Nuha; Ass.director: Arlinda Morina, Costumes: Youliana Voykova – Najman; Lights: Skender Latifi; Design and illustrations: Vanja Lazić
Production: Artpolis – Art and Community Center
Photographer: Blerta Hocia

“Destur” – Sweet Blasphemy

This is the first time National Theatre of Kosovo has presented a piece about the well-known Sufi poet, Rumi. To tell his story the troop have gone through an intense training to captivate authentic dervish dances. “Destur”, a play by Musa Ramadani and a novel within a novel called “Sweet Blasphemy” ( from “40 Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak) have all merged to create a play with dramaturgy and directed by Zana Hoxha.

Set in the 13th century, this play revolves around the various interpretations of religion and love and the conflicts that arise between academic intellect and pure wisdom. Shams of Tabris, a wanderer searching for God, has found his purest form of love and his captivating presence leaves all people transformed when they cross Shams’ path. Maulana Rumi, is a dervish (Sufi) imam praised for his academical wisdom for God.

The dramatic encounter of Shams and Rumi in the city of Konyo is the turning point to Rumi’s spiritual journey. These [two] lock themselves in Rumi’s library for 40 days as each day, they discuss the 40 Rules of Love. This love is addressed to God throughout the story, but its magic lies in the relevance of the philosophical discussions about romantic love, pertinent to modern day 21st century. Shams teaches Rumi how to open his heart entirely and experience God in a new way.

Leading roles: Maulana Rumi: Çun Lajçi, Shems of Tabriz: Shkelzen Veseli Other roles: Armend Smajli, Edlir Gashi, May-Linda Kosumoviç, Semira Latifi, Anisa Ismajli, Basri Lushtaku, Kushtrim Qerimi, Flamur Ahmeti, Armend Ballazhi, Mikel Markaj, Selman Jusufi, Florent Salihu, Blend Sadiku, Leonit Maloku. Choreographer: Robert Nuha, Costumes and Stage Design: Youliana Vojkova-Najman, Music: Memli Kelmendi, Assistant Director: Flutura Çelaj, Stage Manager: Bajram Mehmetaj, Lighting: Sherif Salihu dhe Mursel Bekteshi, AV: Arben Aliu, Stage Organiser: Aziz Maloku. This play is dedicated to Mr. Istref Begolli, iconic actor of the National Theatre.