The performance “Artemis’s Huntresses”

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Inspired by the nature and its beauties of the village of Kukaj, where space and everything that surrounds this environment is in harmony with the earth and the sky, began an extraordinary story of the performance “Artemis’s Huntresses”. This creative process started from a visit to the peaceful nature, a healer for body and soul, and inspired the theatre director Zana Hoxha, to create a work that is in accordance with nature as a healing goddess, source of life and inexhaustible energy.

The ” Artemis’s Huntresses” were slowly shaped by personifying the soul of an independent woman by doing pagan rituals and giving love and solidarity in harmony with nature. The choreography, music, costumes and performances of the actresses are the result of the emotions and feelings that this symbiosis of nature with woman and art evoked, and was fully in accordance to the place, atmosphere and the Ethno Fest event.

The performance “Artemis’s Huntresses”.
From: Zana Hoxha
Music: Arbër Salihu
Choreography: Robert Nuha
Actresses: Aurita Agushi, Semira Latifi, Donikë Ahmeti, Daniela Markaj, Qëndresa Kajtazi, Hajat Toçilla, Fitore Jashari.
Costumes: Arbnor Brahimi
Technical assistant: Elira Lluka

Photo: Medi Huduti