Rehearsal processes

Director Zana Hoxha brings the details for the show “The Bug”, which will be premiered on May 1, 2022 at the “House of Leaves” in Tirana

– The premiere of “The Bug” in the “House of Leaves”

– “The Bug”, the theatrical performance that sheds light on two parallel worlds of the eavesdropping of Albanians ABC News

– “The Bug” comes to the House with Leaves/ The show sheds light on the eavesdropping in communism

– ‘The Bug’, a performance about wiretapping in Kosovo and Albania, director: Musine Kokalari and Dervish Shaqa, the protagonists, Edison Gjergo’s painting as a symbol of censorship

– Rudina – “The Bug” / The special show, which tells the true stories of the communist regime

– The show “Chimkat” brings back to the crime scene the “House of Leaves” Museum/Albanians oppressed in communism, scenes of crimes and murders

Some pictures from the process of the show “The Bug”