“The Haunted Land”

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“The Haunted Land”, is a performance based on Shqipe Malushi’s poetry, evoking our collective memory about the absence of peace and confrontation with the war, that has been constant for Kosovar society throughout the centuries, and in particular its impact on our inter-generational traumas.

Presented in a unique experimental format, the performance by the director Zana Hoxha creates a multidisciplinary synergy through Malushi’s imaginative poems, Robert Nuha’s contemporary theatrical choreography, and dramaturgy by Shpëtim Selmani, including experimental music with authentic singing elements, and video projections that create a new narrative based on our collective memory.

Various poetic fragments and texts filled with pain, struggle, hope, and strength, appear as an image of our collective resilience, and are interpreted by Artpolis Artistic Resident Troupe, joined by music and dance artists in this project.

Through chronological acts “The Haunted Land” describes one of the most important stages of Kosovars towards what they had dreamed for centuries, freedom.

But is it enough to be free? Or is there anything beyond it?

“The Haunted Land” is a photo album that should never be covered by dust or forgotten in a drawer.

Author: Shqipe Malushi

Director: Zana Hoxha

Dramaturgy: Shpëtim Selmani

Choreographer: Robert Nuha

Actors/Actresses: Donikë Ahmeti, Kushtrim Qerimi, Kaltrinë Zeneli, Edlir Gashi, Qendresa Kajtazi, Mikel Markaj, Zhaneta Xhemajli

Soloists: Donika Rushiti, Etrit Nura, Urta Haziraj, Shaban Behramaj

Dancers: Altina Binaku, Qendrim Makolli, Erza Grajqevci, Patriot Osmani

Costumes: Arbnor Brahimi

Scene video projections: Florian Canga

Assistant and organizer : Elira Lluka

Scenography: Arben Shala

Tonist: Arben Aliu

Lighting Technicians: Sherif Sahiti and Mursel Bekteshi

Stage masters: Aziz Maloku, Rrahman Mehmeti

Make-up artists: Myrvete Tahiri, Flora Hasani

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