“The Bug”

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“ÇIMKA” (The Bug) reflecting on the past of the Albanian people and a call to reflect.

On May 1st, 2022, the public had an opportunity to experience special emotions, at the premiere of the performance “ÇIMKA” (The Bug), authored by Shpetim Selmani under direction of Zana Hoxha.

Resurected at the “ House of Leaves”, where not long ago many peronalities and ordinary citizens were bugged “ÇIMKA” (The Bug) comes as a reflection on the past of the Albanian people and a call to reflect and learn from it.

The public as a “leaf” or a “bug” experienced two worlds in parallel, the dictatorship in Albania and the Yugoslav regime in Kosova.
The taping stories, tortures, terror, the oppression of thousands of souls comes alive between two Protagonists, dervish Shaqa and Musine Kokalari.

The protagonists of the play “ÇIMKA” ( The Bug) for the Director Zana Hoxha represents the symbol of resistence in different ways: “ A troubadour, surviving through his songs, and the other a dissident artist who gave her life without losing her integrity”.

The scenes change. The public moves from the tight spaces of the museum into the open space outside, to be introduced with an anxiety that the Albanian people have experienced for a long time. This is also portayed through the painting of Edison Gjergo, an artist who was a victim of the totalitarian regime in Albania. The anxiety arises when the protagonists cannot find an appropriate space to hide the Gjergos’s painting, that was hit by the irron fist of the censorship.

But, the dreams, and the love of life and freedom, the song and dance climaxes during the meeting between Dervish and Musine, both the victims of the regimes on both sides of the border. The protagonists that inspire us until this day.

The performance closes with a powerful mesage from Musine Kokalari: “ The truth is that here reigns fear, and terror. But who dares to say no, who? Nobody! But inside my heart the dreams reign. I know if it’s not me, those who will come after me will dance, they will take their steps as they please. Not a single oppressive system would be able to throw their net over the needs of a person to practice his free will”.

The Production: National Experimental Theater
“Kujtim Spahivogli” & Qendra Artpolis

Author: Shpetim Selmani
Director: Zana Hoxha

Actors: Lulzim Zeqja, Loredana Gjeçi , Myzafer Zifla, Xhulia Musagalliu, Mikel Markaj, Edlir Gashi, Urim Aliaj, Altea Dulellari

Composer: Liburn Jupolli

Scenography and Costumed: Youliana Voykova – Najman
Director Assistant: Greta Baci & Kevin Rrapaj
Technical Assistant: Elira A Lluka
Choreographer: Valentina Mytevelli

This performance was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture in Albania, “ The House of Leaves” The Office of the President, Kosovo, CFD, and Buçaj Corporation.

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