The Forum Theater Program training brought together young people from Kosovo communities

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In beautiful Prizren, girls and boys from communities living in Kosovo gathered to participate in the four-day training “Theater-based education”. The beautiful and sunny weather pushed the training organizers to modify the exercises and flood the stage of Prizren Castle. Then, coaches Zana Hoxha and Edlir Gashi continued with the agenda, developing exercises and improvisations of theater scenes, on socially discussed topics with a focus on multiethnic coexistence.

The special feature of this training was the masked workshop which was a relaxation but at the same time a stimulus for the development of creativity. Masks became part of the shows. The novelty of the training was the game with body movements, led by choreographer Robert Nuha, which also helped the performance of the participants.

“What distinguishes this workshop and group from the others, is that I have not seen any kind of prejudice here, something I have encountered in other workshops. And what was characteristic, we all tried to understand each other, since we do not speak the same language, and this is my strongest and most positive impression of this training “- says the participant of the training from North Mitrovica , Djurdjica Kaziq.

The 4-day training “Theater Based Education” was held in Prizren, organized by members of the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation, Artpolis and NGO Aktiv.

All activities were carried out in accordance with the recommendations for preventing the spread of Covid-19 virus.