Integrated Security Workshop – Training of Trainers edition

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Integrated Security Workshop – Training of Trainers edition was held on 14-17 December, 2020 in hotel surrounded by beautiful mountains in Bogë with 11 women staff members from five shelters from different municipalities in Kosovo, including: Prishtina, Peja, Gjakova, Mitrovica and Drenas.

Women participating in this training were trained by certified trainers Zana Hoxha and Yllka Soba on techniques and methodology of self-care, such as: coping mechanisms, finding a common ground, creating a social network, how to protect themselves and how to address their needs.

The workshop helped participants connect to their bodies, emotions and experiences

For three days’ participants shared their stories with the group and trainers, or in teams of two, in addition to the exercises and facilitating sessions.

All participants, shelter representatives and trainers pledged to be there for each other, to help and support each other, while these types of collaborations considered to be long-lasting and beneficial for both parties.

A handbook including a summary and exercises on stress management with explanations on the exercises and facilitating sessions adapted and translated in Albanian language was shared with participants women – shelters staff that took part in this Integrated Security workshop.

This workshop implemented by Artpolis is supported by the non-governmental organization CFD/Switzerland under the framework “NDAL/STOP – Jointly and creatively against gender based violence”.